1. Donald "Jared" Dunn

2. Gavin Belson

3. Richard Hendriks (red hoodie)

4. Dinesh Chugtai


(Author's note: the character ranks 4th, but the actor ranks #1 in my heart)

[Editor: You do understand what an Underexplained List is, right? Also, that is a head shot and not a still or promo pic from the show, like you have for all the other characters. Please revise]

(Author: But, he's soooooooooo dreamy!)

[Editor: Whatever, fine. I'll allow it. Now get this Clickbate posted STAT, we need page views. We're behind our quota for the day. Also, make sure you remove our discussion prior to posting]


5. Nelson "Big Head" Bighetti

6. Peter Gregory (RIP Christopher Evan Welch)


7. Bertram Gilfoyle

8. Being Hit by a Car (H/T Albert Berneko)

9. Erlich Bachman