So I decided to move a post over from my now defunct Blogspot blog in order to test out copying the HTML for there over into a Kinja post. I did this because there is some stuff on my old blog that I want to bring over here to Kinja-verse to share with folks.

Part of it was prompted by reading this Help post.

I thought I'd share with you all incase you ever want to try. Here's what I learned from my experience in bullets!

  • Cutting and pasting HTML from Blogspot is easy. I copied it from there and dropped it in a word document before then copying it into Kinja just in case anything went a bit wonky.
  • Copied the HTML into a Kinja post and clicked save as private to review it an see the damage that I knew Kinja was going to cause.
  • The screencaps, pics, and images did not transfer with the pasting of HTML.
  • For some reason, it copied the HTML twice. So when I go to the end of the post there it was again from the beginning.
  • At this point, I walked away to get a drink.
  • When I came back and hit edit the screencaps, pics, and images magically appeared! Which is good. No need to reinsert each pic again.
  • Kinja is Magic!
  • The text font carried over and doesn't look that great in Kinja.
  • Some bullets (like these, I typed this post in word) transfer to Kinja. Others not so much. I wish we had even a basic bullet option when typing posts directly into Kinja.


All in all, not to bad of an experience. Though, I feel like the post looks better over there on Blogspot then it does over here on Kinja.

Anyone else do this? How'd it go for you?