I'm searching around the Gawker and Kinja-verses to see if any of the most likely sites are doing a TB Series Finale Open Thread. Don't see one yet (doesn't mean there will not be one!)

I'll be honest, kinda hoping Meredith puts one up on io9!

Other things I'm hoping for? Well really just that Behhhlllllll and Sooohhhkie kick the bucket thereby releasing all the other characters to have happy, shiny lives forever and forever.

Or just burn this mother down completely.


Pro/Con style because Meredith at io9 always had the right format. Looking forward to her recap/review tomorrow.


  1. TB would make the last episode about Bill and Sookie though they are the characters the fans are least interested in, period. Put a cap on it. DONE.
  2. There was no blaze of glory type ending. This show really needed a balze of glory type ending if you want me, as a viewer, to end on a note of remotely liking Bill or Sookie.
  4. 4 years later and Sookie is pregnant by an Alcide analog.
  5. Can we really address the glamor tahat Jess did to Hoyt, pretty sure if you can glamor someone then you can un-glamor them. That would have born more emotional weight.
  6. This was not a lesson in assisted sucide for terminally ill individuals because there was a cure for Bills disease.


  1. I'm a sucker for endings with jumps in time.
  2. Jessica and Hoyt got married! (see number 5 though for cons because it felt forced)
  3. Sookie 'helped' Bill kill himself. Good riddance vampire Bill.

I hope that the actors that played Lafayette, Eric, Pam, Sam, Jason, Jessica, Hoyt, Andy, Tara, Arlene, and Holly all have long, long, long acting careers ahead of them. Deborah Ann Woll and Kristin Bauer van Straten in particular.

Good bye and good night True Blood, you sucked until the end.